Prices - 4 Day Course


welcome to the studio, cooking class, group about class.

3 - 6 people

3 - 6 人小班制約課


  • 兩日基礎課程
  • 兩日進階課程
  • 3-6人小班教學
  • 上課工具一套
  • (花嘴,花丁,花剪,專屬花丁座,轉換器)

  • 24 Courses
  • 3-6 small class teaching
  • Class set of tools
  • (Flower mouth, small flowers, cut flowers, flower exclusive small seat, converters)

Prices - 1 Day Course


Often hear students say, I totally never learned teacher and very hands residues … I should not learn, there are a lot of people are waiting to see for a long time, but has not dare to try … prices certificate course, is not leaving u get good flower for a long time to compare and thinking? Yes! Anna also feel like one pair of a teacher than a teacher with a lot more important. Only the method will be more efficient learning, because I also came to be so. U’s voice I heard! So hurry to join experience the lesson it! After experiencing lesson for the day, willing registration certificate classmates, day courses can also be redeemed directly certificate course costs!

Single day courses



  • 教授蛋糕製作方法和配方(有六種口味變化,可選擇一種)
  • 教授花卉的基礎調色和配色、及葉片的變化和配色
  • 教授花卉的花型:基礎玫瑰及其它配花以當天蛋糕裝飾不同而定
  • 當天可帶回一個6吋裝飾蛋糕

  • Teach cake recipes and production methods. (there are six tastes change, you can choose one)
  • Teach flower base color and color, and the leaves and change color.
  • Teach flowers : Basic roses and other flowers are decorated with the same day cake decoration.
  • Bring back the day of a 6-inch cake decoration.