No fancy decor classroom. No impressive qualifications and seniority.
I share my sweet little universe.Some just a tremendous enthusiasm and persistence persistent heart.

永遠記得第一次握著擠花袋,到一步步熟悉技巧,無數個忘了餓不想睡,整隻手又痛又腫貼滿膏藥的不停練習,只因為愛上了這美麗的花花世界。 若你也準備好迷戀這甜蜜滋味,歡迎加入我們。

Always remember the first time holding a crowded flower bags, step by step to a familiar technique, forget the countless hungry sleepy, the whole hand covered with plaster pains and swollen non-stop practice, just as in love with this beautiful colorful world. If you are ready to taste this sweet obsession. Please join us.


anna跟了許多位台灣和韓國的老師學習擠花藝術。也前往韓國數次不斷進修。先獲得Korea Flower Cake Association (KFCA)兩階證書及 RKFA (Republic of Korean Flowercake Association)米蛋糕證書。漸漸地與韓國當地蛋糕設計協會 Korea Cake Design Association 聯繫交流。申請獲得 KCDA的兩階證書最後通過教學認證。協會決定在台灣成立 KCDA (政府認證),anna也與韓國協會KCDA簽約成為台灣經理,正式將韓國專業的擠花蛋糕完整帶回台灣。並與韓國老師研究設計出更適合我們台灣的口味與製作材料。更是唯一授權擁有頒授KCDA證書資格的教師。有機會來到這裡上課的每個學生,只要你願意,練習多久、重複幾次,我都陪著你們,這就是我對教學的態度。

Korea Cake Design Association (KCDA)兩階證書
Seoul Flower Cake Association (SFCA)兩階證書
Korea Cake Art Association (KCAA)兩階證書
RKFA (Republic of Korean Flowercake Association)豆沙霜證書
Korea Flower Cake Association (KFCA)兩階證書
Korea Cake Design Association (KCDA)教學認證

anna with many Taiwanese and Korean arts teacher to learn crowded flower. But also to South Korea several continuous learning. First obtain the Korea Flower Cake Association (KFCA) two-stage certificate and RKFA (Republic of Korean Flowercake Association) rice cake certificate. Gradually, with the local Korean Cake Design Association Korea Cake Design Association Contact us. KCDA order to apply for the two final certificate through teaching certification. Association decided to establish KCDA (Government certification) in Taiwan, anna also signed with the Korean Association KCDA become Taiwan’s manager, officially Korea professional crowded flower cake complete back to Taiwan. And Research and the Korean teachers to design more suitable for our tastes and making material in Taiwan. Is the only authorized owner certificate award KCDA qualified teachers. Have the opportunity to come here to class each student, as long as you like, practice long, repeated several times, I stayed with you, this is my attitude toward teaching.

Korea Cake Design Association (KCDA) two-level certificate
Seoul Flower Cake Association (SFCA) two-level certificate
Korea Cake Art Association (KCAA) two-level certificate
RKFA (Republic of Korean Flower Cake Association) Bean Paste Cream Certificate
Korea Flower Cake Association (KFCA) two-level certificate
Korea Cake Design Association (KCDA) Teaching Certification